Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mother 3?

As I sit here in my cold apartment some 4 months after the Japanese release of Mother 3 I have to ask myself: why did everyone stop talking about it? I, alongside of tens of thousands of rabid Nintendo/Earthbound fanboys, have been waiting for even the tiniest mote of information regarding a North American release to slip out but it has been entirely silent. After the huge hype surrounding the release in April folks were speculating wildly about an English release but it seems that with the absence of any reliable information everyone is just going to have continue waiting in silence (as they have for the past ten years). The last interesting (probably somewhat possibly maybe credible) bit of information came via the official Nintendo magazine in UK which guesstimated an English (European) release date of December. A short kotaku post can be found here . But, as commenter AltDelete points out the article never gives any specific information from a translation team or anything. Still, its promising. Maybe it will only be another four months before speakers of the King's English can finally get their nerd-cheese-stinking hands on Earthbound 2.

And if Nintendo decides to scrap the whole translation idea at least we have some dedicated folks over at who claim to be 80% done their rom translation of the game. We nerds will get it one way or another.


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